The Ballad of The Legless Kid

His hand upon the Saloon door, unsure why he was there
He shrugged his shoulders then he entered, he didn’t care

He sauntered up to the bar and ordered himself a beer,
He cast his eyes around the room, there was something familiar here

The barman asked, “Do I know you?” with a look suggesting he did
“Hand on my heart, I’m new to these parts, you can call me the Legless Kid.

I may have never met you pal, though I’ll tell you unashamed,
I once lived another life and held another name.

It was a life of many triumphs, a life I lived in pain,
I couldn’t walk, yet I walked the walk, how many men can say the same?”

The barman screwed his face up and said “You ungrateful sod.
You dare complain, of your life’s pain, before your rightful God?”

“God you say? Well I don’t believe in you, therefore you don’t exist.
Now pour me a beer or get out of here, I’m trying to get pissed.”

“You dare to sit before me in your intoxicated state,
And mock the one who controls every mortal’s fate?”

“Now let me stop you there almighty, you don’t know me mate
I’m may be stubborn as a mule, but I’m no fool, I control my fate.

I found my way through life, although no clear path was shown,
The Legless Kid is an hombre, like you have never known.”

“I have to tell you sonny Jim, that I admire your gall,
But who in Earth and in Heaven do you think gave you those balls?”

“You don’t intimidate me barman, I’ll tell you I’m not feart,
I found my own way when I was there and I’ll find my own way here.”

The barman smiled at him brightly and said “Lets have a toast my son.
Of all my creatures great and small you are the bravest one.”The Legless Kid took a deep breath and stared the deity down,
Held his gaze for one more moment and was heard to say “Your round.”

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